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Utility bills may be paid at City Hall, by Bank Draft with proper authorization on file at City Hall, at Union State Bank, online at (pay location code a001te), or mailed USPS to PO Box 51.

Email questions or concerns to

​Equal Opportunity Provider
City of Uniontown ® 206 Sherman Street ~ PO Box 51 ~ Uniontown, KS 66779 ~ Ph: 620-756-4742 ~ Fax: 620-756-4681

City Hall will be closed January 17 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day.

MUNICIPAL COURT on January 17, 5:30PM has been rescheduled for March 21, 5:30PM.  See Features page for COVID protocols.

MENTAL ILLNESS-THE SILENT EPIDEMIC - January 17, 2022, 6:30PM at West Bourbon Elementary Gym - Community presentation sponsored by Uniontown High School and Communities in Schools features Coach Mark Potter and his wife Nanette as they share the real, relevant and raw story of Mark's personal experience with severe depression at the height of his career, and how he overcame it to find success.  In this special presentation Mark will share with attendees his belief that you can have victory over mental illness.  In addition to Mark's experiences, his wife Nanette will also be on hand to share her personal perspective and provide the caregiver with practical suggestions to provide support.   

We have been notified that wholesale natural gas prices, while still higher than this time last year, are now projected to be lower than previously projected.  They City is not considering a rate increase at this time.  

Here are some conservation tips to help keep your heating bills down - 

Seal it up - check for leaks around windows, doors, and other openings to the outside.  Seal these leaks with caulk and keep the warmth in.

Cover it up - cover bare floors with carpet.

Furnace Checkup - have your furnace and heating system inspected annually to check for leaks or other problems.

Insulate - wrap old water heaters with proper insulating jackets. and set the temperature to 120 F or lower.  Insulate your plumbing.

Use mother nature - when it's cold outside but also sunny, open blinds/curtains during the day to let the sun help heat your home.

Wash cold - whenever possible, use cold water setting on your washing machine.

Check and replace HVAC filters - new filters usually only cost a few dollars.  Dirty filters cost more to use, overwork the equipment, and result in lower indoor air quality.  The filters should be replaced regularly.

Reverse your ceiling fans - the fan blades should be spinning in a clockwise direction on a low speed to force the warm air near the ceiling down into the living space.

Control the temperature - set the temperature to 68 F or lower in the winter.  A programmable thermostat can make it easy to set back your temperature.

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With a population of approximately 272, Uniontown is located in Bourbon County , Kansas along the Marmaton River.  Uniontown is home to the Annual Old Settlers Picnic on Labor Day.
$20 fee + $20 deposit*
*If the building is cleaned and no damages are noted on inspection after use, the $20 deposit will be refunded when the key is returned to the city clerk. 

Call 620-756-4742 for reservations.

Website Updated 1/14/2022
Reminder: Utility bills are due on the 10th, if not paid by 4:30 PM on the 25th they will be disconnected. 

Utility Hearings are on the last Wednesday of each month, but you must make an appointment to meet with Utility Hearing Officers. If you will be unable to pay your utilities in full by the 25th, please call City Hall to make an appointment with the Utility Hearing Officers.
To report a dog running at large, call City Hall, 620-756-4742 or Animal Control Officer, 620-215-3221.  Annual registration period is January 1 through March 31.

Municipal Court is the third Wednesday of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November) at 5:30PM.