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City Hall will be closed February 7, 19.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

There is a water rate increase on the January 26 billing.  We were notified of a 5.22% water rate increase from our supplier; therefore, the Council passed an ordinance to pass on the increase to our customers.  Inside city limits the minimum increased to $27.61 and the per 1,000 gallons rate increased to $12.74.  Outside city limits the minimum increased to $28.40 and the per 1,000 gallons rate increased to $13.11.

During extreme cold weather, please conserve energy (gas and electric) as much as possible.  Gas and electric producers have a difficult time keeping up with demand during the extreme cold or hot.  

We have been experiencing some sewer issues.  It appears that people are flushing non-flushable items and casing backups in our sewer mains.  PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS, DIAPERS, FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS OR WIPES OF ANY KIND, EVEN THE "FLUSHABLE".

The Council has authorized the purchase of new software for utility billing and finance.  In the near future your utility bill will look different.  We have not started the transition for utility billing yet, but the finance software should be implemented in February.  Please check here to keep updated on progress.

Annual registration period for all dogs and cats in city limits is January 1 through March 31.  Registration fee is $5 if spayed/neutered, $7 if intact.  Documentation of current rabies vaccination is required at time of registration.  You are responsible for your dog at ALL times. If you let your dog out in the morning or evening, you are still responsible for it not leaving your property or control. If you are still in the house, the animal is NOT in your control. Also, please respect your neighbors and pick up after your pet and keep it under your control at ALL times.

Southwind Extension District will be hosting Starting Seeds Indoors workshop on Tuesday, February 20 at 6pm at Uniontown Community Center.  Come learn how to make a grow light, what are the best growing mediums, how to successfully start transplants from seed and more!

We are still needing all households to fill out the water line survey to acquire the required information being requested by KDHE and EPA for regulations on lead and copper in water lines.  If you haven't returned your survey, please do.  Another survey was sent with November billings to those that did not respond.  We have received several surveys back, but still have about 100 to go!  If we still don't get them or your answers were UNKNOWN, Superintendent Rich will be going door to door.

Construction work for the riprapping of the Uniontown School Pond and installation of the pickleball court are underway.  The bank contouring has been completed at the pond and contractor is waiting for rock to be delivered.  The county rock crusher is broken down.  As soon as weather permits, the pickleball court project will begin.

Mowing season is moving into leaf raking season.  Leaves may be burned in ditches, bagged for trash pickup, or taken to the City's designated burn pile.  Please do not bag if you are taking to the burn pile.  There is still some mowing to be done.  Remember, property owners/tenants are responsible for mowing/maintaining ditches and alleys.

What are your thoughts on anything going on in the city?  Contact City Hall or your governing body to voice your opinion, or better yet, attend council meetings to let us know what you think.  Your thoughts and opinions are important to the governing body.

Clerk Johnson will be retiring in 2024.  WE ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR CITY CLERK.  If you are interested in being a public servant, stop by and inquire as to the duties, rewards, and benefits of being a community advocate!
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Utility payments are due on the 10th of the month.  Payments may be made in person, by mail, by bank draft (ask City Clerk how to sign up), at Union State Bank, or online at, pay location code a001te.

If you are unable to pay your utilities by the 25th of the month, you must make an appointment for a utility hearing to keep your utilities from being shut off.  Utility Hearings are the last Wednesday of the month.
To report dogs at large, call Animal Control Officer Binford, 620-215-3221, or City Hall, 620-756-4742.
Community Center is available to rent for events.  There is a $20 deposit and a $20 rental fee.  Contact City Hall to reserve your event.